South East London rapper, Benjamin A.D, has finally released his much anticipated mixtape Chapter 0.5 – The Prologue. “This is the foundation to set me up for huge things in future and place my name on the atlas.” – Benjamin A.D. Download and enjoy!

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Mixtape Tracks
1. A Million Problems (Prod. By Shin)
2. Delivery Man (Prod. By Ash)
3. Sex Appeal (Prod. By Shin)
4. I Know Feat. Leon Swift Miller (Prod. By Ash)
5. I Just Wanna Know (Prod. By Ash)
6. Luke Depth, Luqmaan (Prod. By Ash)
7. Keep The Door Closed Feat. J Warner (Prod. By Ash)
8. I Know Pt.2 (Prod. By Ash)
9. Tell Me What You See Feat. Joe Black (Prod. By Ash)
10. Let You Go (Prod. By Ash)
11. Never Know (Prod. By Shin)
12. Where Are You Know (Prod. By Ash)
13. On A Roll Feat, J Warner, Messy & Little Dee (BONUS)