UK RAP & RnB All songs recorded by DJTR Beats.Featuring artists include, Jacko, DB, Young C, Spidez, Clapz Capone. Money Mitch, Timbo, Skwilla, Komoshen, Konan, Krept, Chunkz, Money Man Rus, Casper Boy and many more…

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Mixtape Tracks (DISC A)
01 CD Intro ft Mr Midas
02 Who We Are BY Young C & Hale Ceaseo
03 Bring It back BY Money Man Rus
04 Blackness BY DB & DJTR
05 Understand BY Yung Talee
06 So Funny BY Young C
07 Effortless BY Yung Talee
08 What happened to the roads? – DB & DJTR
09 Ready? BY Timbo, Loco Lou, Money Man Rus, Yung Talee, Clapz Capone, Chunkz
10 Ready? [RMX] – Chunkz
11 Transition RMX BY Young C
12 Going In BY Money Mitch
13 Great Feeling BY Team Trizzy [Vile Greaze & Lil’ Torment]
14 S.O.S BY Omz Trapstar
15 Back in business BY Money Mitch
16 Sitting on the wave BY Young C & Hale Ceaseo
17 Rubber Band Snap BY Cani & Looch Gwolla
18 Take it all BY DB & DJTR ft Yung Talee
19 Oh baby BY Nattarii ft Chevy B
20 Laptop Lover BY Young C
21 Scream Out BY Young C ft Denero
22 One Chance BY Leanneah Lauren
23 Circle of revenge BONUS TRACK [SOUND TRACK
Mixtape Tracks (DISC B)
01 CD Intro BONUS
02 Starz in their eyes BY Frecks
03 Reallist [RMX] BY Spidez & Yung Ess
04 No Love BY DB
05 Freestyle BY Yung Talee
06 Flying All Day BY STP [Clapz Capone, Mitch & Timbo]
07 Never Mind BY Team Trizzy [Vile Greaze & Lil’ Torment]
08 Came so far BY Omz Trapstar
09 Freestyle BY Diddz
10 Get this money BY Yung Ess & Looch Gwolla
11 My Life BY STP [Cassper boy & Rugez]
12 Something ‘bout my swag BY Young C
13 Gone BY Spidez
14 Estelle RMX BY Yung Ess
15 Trophy Gurl BY Yung Talee
16 I don’t care who he is/Murderous BY Johnny Gunz/Cani
17 Gunshot Riddim RMX BY Omz, Giggs, Skwilla, Konan, Krept, Clapz Capone, Komoshen, Johnny Gunz, Rugez, Cassper Boy,
18 Belly BY Carlito, Base, A Star, Trapstar Dampah, Frecks, Chunkz, Yung Talee, Yung Ess, Clapz Capone, G Kid & MD