Minarmy & Dot Rotten surprise us all with a FREE mixtape. Throwback Music is hosted by DJ Cameo and is comprised of an impressive 21 tracks of music which has been recorded by Dot over the last two years. The tracks are cuts which didn’t make it on to Dot’s upcoming album, Voices In My Head.

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Mixtape Tracks
Minarmy Anthem
Warming Up
Where You Been
Nothing Can Stop Me
Around Here
Put It Right
Burning Again
Back Up Feat Icekid
Words Of Wisdom Freestyle
Get Up On It
You Want My Love
Nobody To Love
Love Today
Make It Double Feat Prez Petrelli
Dont Get Gassed Feat Podgy Figures, John Wayne
Been Through Madness Feat F.A
Rome Feat Icekid
Words From Dot Outro